Hello Cheater! My Name Is Romy

…and this if my friend Michelle. Dumbass.

My luck has been consistently meeting or running into douche faces that are either married and who are permanent cheaters. WTFuck!

Do I have a signed affixed to my face that reads, “If you have a wife, girlfriend, or significant other – please feel free to introduce yourself to me?” Or do I give off a vibe that can be interpreted as, “I am available for Mr. Right Now?”

Whatever the case is, I seem to reel them in on a regular basis. To their dismay, I leave them confused, ashamed and rejected. That part makes me feel gleeful! Kind of similar to the cartoon character who takes pleasure in someone else’s’ misfortunes, but in this case I feel that I am teaching them a lesson. This takes a lot of work, complete with my wasted efforts on someone who isn’t going to mean anything to me once all is said and done.  Sigh.

I have also read many articles which described other women having this same issue. Some articles indicated that their attraction could be due to the way you dress; present yourself and your environment. Well, if anyone knows me, I am always fully clothed, zero side-boob showing and my attitude has a bit too much sass to be considered the “affair” type of gal.  I am also not spending my time on a street corner if you get my drift.

Other articles have claimed that being fun and outgoing can also attract these pathetic losers. Well pardon me for being so AWESOME! I am not here to be your fucking crutch or your temporary fix to your unhappiness. Grow some balls and face the music. Get your shit together and either work on your relationship or get the fuck out.

Luckily I enjoy to sparring with these assholes as it gives me an excuse to keep up on my bitch skills. After time though, it does get old. Sooner or later these losers will land an unsuspecting gal who will believe the lies spewing from their mouths.

Hmmmm…perhaps I should set up traps for these fuckers and at least have them exposed for who they are. That could be another chapter of this blog! HA! It could be like that show!

Ok rant over. So now back to leading this guy on via text so then I can drop the bomb on him in about a week.

Game over.

PS. I hate when memes have spelling errors. Seriously.