Zero Fucks To Give

Recently I have been feeling at my ripe old age of 36 (or the older I get) – the less fucks I have to give about people and their bullshit. It seems that the more I try to reach out, the more I am met with selfish, self-absorbed, snobby-ass, hypocrites that are judging from the sidelines. Now I am not saying that every single situation encompasses this, but in some way shape or form it’s happening.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I took some time this past year to get my own shit in order and shift my focus to concentrate on my own personal goals rather than consume myself with helping others reach their goals without reciprocation. Progress.


It really starts to eat at you when the ones you think would be there for you, or that should be including you in their lives, just aren’t. You’d think that a huge life change, a simple update on the household, or an important event/success would be warrant a call to communicate “big news” to share with someone who is considered family – whether related or chosen.  We are all busy. I am busy.

Not trying to sound like a whiny bitch, but for goodness sakes – how hard is it to pick up a GD phone to say “hello” every once in a while? I get it… I live in another state or zip code, but I am positive that the fucking phone can reach me. Try it sometime. Very classic – out of sight, out of mind example. A very big fuck you.


The constant sucking me to deal with your antics and drama – I get it, I made the choice to help, but also is there a day where you are able to stop this bullshit and see that you are draining everyone around you? That you create constant fire drills that not only force those around you to comply, but then in return you are an ungrateful asshole that expects others to fix your problems at the drop of a hat?

Take Away – perhaps I am being cynical, sensitive or just plain moody today, but hey, I am learning. I am learning to also not be same exact douche that irks me to the point to where I am writing a sheisty blog.

The struggle is when to decide to let go. When the bad experiences outweigh the good – is the breaking point when you should consider removing yourself from it all.


  • Invest in people that invest in you.
  • Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.