Live & Let It Gooooooooooo…(& Stop Giving a Shit)

Now that the Holidays have calmed down, I had some time to think about the topic of letting go, as it relates to people, situations, and emotions. I know of a few people (as well as myself) who are currently struggling with self-care and in turn has inspired me to write about it.

I briefly touched on this subject in my previous blogs, “Me >You” and “Zero Fucks to Give”, which encompassed experiences such as disengaging from negative people and situations, as well as deciding when to let go. Which the answer should always be, “Right now.” Now wouldn’t THAT be easy!

Let’s face it, for me who can be unforgiving, who feels resentment and holds onto anger with a death grip, this huge task is not only difficult but challenging.  I personally have to work on these on the daily.

My Shit List:

  1. People – letting go of those who:
    1. Don’t have time for you (singled-sided effort by you due to others rarely reaching out)
    2. Don’t invest in you (who only talk about themselves)
    3. Don’t add positivity and value to your life (who are just plain shitty to be around as well as draining)
    4. Crush your spirit and heart (fuck them and their bitch-ass face!)
  1. Societal Expectations – stop giving a shit about:
    1. Timelines regarding
      1. College graduation – Obtain your degree at your own pace and on your own time. No one gives a fuck if you graduated in 2001 or 2015, as long as you did it!
      2. Marriage – Some people are lucky and find their life partner early on, however, there are those of us who have been on a shit ton of fucked-up dates and realize that we aren’t going to just settle and are convinced that most of the choices in the dating pool are fucking idiots. Take your time, there is no rush.  #dontwastemytime
  • Procreating – Although I don’t want to be the oldest mother on the planet, it was important for me to wait until I was with the right person while taking precautions to prevent accidents. Hopefully my womanly plumbing is still in proper working order by the time we decide to have kiddos. Crossing fingers for model genes with some height!
  1. Bad Feels – banish these thoughts!
    1. Self-deprecation – Remember you are worth it and to love yourself! Your friends and family are your number one support system. Unconditional love will always there.
    2. Guilty – No more feeling guilty for situations that are beyond your control. Instead, focus on the matters that you are able to change.
    3. Hate – Holding onto this is like embracing the plague or krokidil (google it). It will eat you alive and consume you from the inside out. AKA The Dark Side.
    4. Resentment – Carrying this around is like a wrecking ball. Pretty soon, you will find reasons to resent everyone. A very lonely way to live.
    5. Anger – Gripping onto anger will leave you in such a negative state that in turn your friends and family are spending less and less time around you. You must get rid of this anger so that you can let in all the good that you deserve!!! <3

That about sums up my shit list of things that need to be forever removed and obliterated from my life ASAP!

#foreverhater. HAHA, kidding. Not kidding.

Ok for serious – overtime I have learned that practicing self-care will most definitely add positivity in your life and if done daily, the demons inside will eventually go away. Finding that inner peace is worth the huge weight that will be lifted and not to mention, so freeing. TAKE CHARGE and RECHARGE!

Protip: Try to start your morning by reading something uplifting such as an inspirational quote or meditate –these actions can really add a sunny disposition to your day or combat the inner snark that I know you all have! Can’t be snarky all the time…

Quit bitchin’ and start ditchin’, my friends!