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Hello! I decided to start this blog as many friends have suggested I capture these comic gold moments that I have been posting on social media relating to my dating horror stories, online dating mishaps, and random encounters with jerks when out and about.

Many of these experiences outline a vast array of “what the fuck just happened” moments as well as “I cannot make this shit up” dialogue.

Don’t be surprised at my crude, vulgar and snobby comments. My blunt, spitfire remarks catch them off guard and keep them in check. Someone has to regulate! I also find their reactions (or lack thereof) to be hilarious and should be shared with all of you!

I’d also like to use this blog to not only continue to document these experiences for entertainment purposes, but to also use this as soundboard for a place to vent on whatever issues (positive or negative) on my mind, rants, memes, articles, song lyrics…anything goes!


WTFuck! – Reserved for stories that include my expression of being highly disgusted, astonishment, shock and or just plain confused.

Bitch, please! – For stories that reach a level of outrageousness, or are seen as dumb, stupid or ridiculous.

General – Life lessons, friendships, relationships, career, school, music, books, movies, home ownership, reviews, pets, etc. You get my drift.

Also, if you are offended that I may be talking about you…I probably am.

Rule #1, “Don’t be a douche”.

Happy reading!

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